Weddings mark the beautiful intersection of two lives, a celebration of love, commitment, and the promise of a shared journey. They are not just ceremonies; they are profound milestones that weave dreams into reality. Weddings symbolize the enduring strength of partnerships, the beginnings of new chapters filled with hope, joy, and the promises of a lifelong adventures together. Each ceremony is a unique narrative, a fusion of traditions, emotions, and personal tales, where families and friends come together to witness and celebrate the remarkable union of two souls.

Capturing these meaningful moments requires a skilled storyteller, and our photography services are here to preserve the magic. We specialize in turning these exceptional stories into timeless visual treasures. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, our photos encapsulate the joy, romance, and timeless beauty that define the significance of weddings.


How far in advance do we need to book?

Depending on the month you’re getting married, we're often booked a year or two in advance. We limit the number of weddings that we take each year to ensure that we have ample time to focus on each one individually, so it’s worth reaching out sooner rather than later to reserve your date. A signed contract and a retainer are due to reserve your date.

Can we ask you to tentatively hold a date for us?

All dates are available on a first come, first served basis. We are only able to reserve your date when both a signed contract and a retainer have been received.

Do you travel for weddings?

Our standard wedding packages include a 50 km radius of travel from the Greater Toronto Area. Travel from location to location throughout your wedding day is not billed.

If your wedding is outside of the GTA, please contact us to let us know where and we would be happy to advise if and what additional travel fees would apply.

Are engagement photos included in your packages?

Complimentary engagement shoots are included with our Premium and Luxe packages. Please visit our Investment page for more details on our package options.

We only need a photographer for a couple of hours for an elopement. Is this something you offer?

We adore shooting small weddings/elopements and we're always happy to provide partial day coverage. We have a package in our Investment page specifically tailored for elopements and shorter coverage. If, however, this doesn't perfectly suit your needs, please reach out and we would be happy to tailor one for you.

When do you recommend starting photographic coverage, and when do you recommend it ends?

A typical full day of wedding coverage starts approximately 45 minutes before you get dressed, and ends 20-30 minutes into dancing (or after the last scheduled item you want photographed).

What equipment do you bring to a wedding?

Our main camera bodies are Sony A7iv models, which are a high-end mirrorless digital cameras.

We bring a variety of amazing lenses with us as well, both primes and zooms.

After dark we may use flashes, either on camera or on stands, depending on your venue.

Of course, every important piece of equipment in our bags are backed up with a second piece of equipment of equal quality, just in case.

Will our photos be in colour, black and white, or a mix?

Typically, you should expect your gallery to contain somewhere between 20%-30% black and white images, it really depends on the particular wedding. Some days (or some parts of the day) may lend themselves better to black and white conversion.

Do you provide retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services?

Every photo you receive will be fully edited in our creative style, to the extent that you see on our website. This includes tone and white balance adjustment, exposure adjustment, cropping and straightening the images, black and white conversion (when appropriate) and sharpening.

Do you provide the raw files of our photos?

The short answer to this is, no. We really believe in the brand we have built, and a major part of our aesthetic comes alive through editing.

How long after our wedding do we have to wait to get our photos?

A sneak peek will be sent to you within seven days of your wedding.

Our contract stipulates a maximum of twelve weeks for delivery of your full gallery, but we rarely go to that extent.

We always strive to deliver wedding galleries within four to six weeks of your wedding date.

How many photos should we expect?

Every wedding is different. The size of your wedding party, number of guests, length of time allocated for portraits, your florals/decorations/details, number of locations, number of photographers, travel time between locations, etc.. all play their part in how many photos you will end up with.

That being said, 60-100 photos is typical per hour for a standard wedding day (getting ready through dancing).

We will, however, provide you with every single photo that is worth delivering (every photo that is well exposed, non-duplicate and, of course, flattering). We don't withhold or cap the number of photos we deliver.

How do we go about printing our images?

You have full printing rights for all of the images in your final gallery, and you may use whatever printing vendor you’d like. Printing can also be done directly through your online gallery using our professional print lab.

Please know, however, that each print lab calibrates their colours in their own way and that is beyond the realm of what we can control. We unfortunately cannot be responsible in the differences in how colour renders between our digital photos and various print labs.

What are the next steps if we would like to book you?

A signed contract and a 50% retainer will be needed to reserve your date.

If you need to make other payment arrangements, please let us know and we can definitely explore what might be possible to accommodate.